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The Group

Our history

Everything starts with forest. Our heritage and our future.

For over 200 years, the Charlois family has enjoyed a priceless, natural heritage where oak reigns supreme. Based in Murlin in the Nivernais countryside and within the Bertranges Forest, the Charlois Group has access to groves where the most beautiful oak specimens in France thrive.

Founded in 1928 by Eugène Charlois, Maison Charlois specialised in selecting oak trees, splitting and naturally seasoning the staves. It became the premier forestry operator in terms of volume in France and the unrivalled leader on the French stave market.

The heir to this expertise and reputation, today Sylvain Charlois drives the Charlois Group forward. A creative and innovative mind, he draws inspiration from the oaks themselves, to perpetuate and develop each business.

Whilst firmly establishing the Charlois Group in the 21st century, Sylvain Charlois carefully maintains historic family values and expertise. “With us, everything begins with oak. It is an infinite source of inspiration. It guides how we create, with perfection and rigour. And we make sure that every process and transformation is worthy of its nobility,” he explains.

Since 2006, the Charlois Group has embraced a range of complimentary activities. This tree-like structural savoir-faire incorporates stave production, cooperage, production of oak products for the wine industry, railway sleepers as well as a laboratory specialising in the food sciences.

In 2016, the oak’s nobility encouraged the Charlois Group to join the world of luxury with the creation of La Chênaie, a brand of cosmetics made with a patented oak extract, a result of anti-ageing research, and also La Grange, a prestigious cooperage brand with barrels made by hand by artisan craftsmen, all Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Two exceptional activities which reflect the excellence of the Charlois Group.

Our values

For over 200 years, oak has been part of the Charlois family DNA.
It is our passion for this tree which still drives the group today. Without this passion, this adventure would be impossible.
The Charlois Group has forged its identity out of respect for these four values.


Efficiency requires organisation and management systems which help optimise product quality and meet customer expectations. It also needs the best work conditions, suitable equipment, safety, cleanliness and a sound environment.



The story begins for over 200 years in the forests of Nevers and Bertranges and since 1928 in Murlin. It continues today thanks to ethical professional practices. A strong principle like authenticity forges a good reputation and gives confidence to our customers, suppliers and financial partners. It motivates our employees and makes them proud.



Aesthetics means beauty, elegance, care and respect in every one of our actions and creations.



Our continuous research in oak and its transformation allows us to innovate on a permanent basis, to always improve the quality of our products and create new ones.


Our partners

Blues en Loire


A colorful festival, "Blues en Loire" invites artists from all over the world to play the "blue note" on the exceptional heritage of La Charité-sur-Loire, which color’s the summer season. The ever growing public every year is not wrong ! 

Popular and festive music, the blues is played in the “Prieuré”, in the street or on the terrace of a restaurant; improvised, sung or played on a guitar.

Blues en Loire

Société nationale des meilleurs ouvriers de France


Originally founded so that the Best Craftsmen of France are not forgotten after the Competition, the “Societé Nationale des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” has always had a pro-active role in the valorization of craftsmanship and has since devoted itself for more than ten years to the transmission of know-how to the youngest. 

Its missions follow three axes: bring together the Best Craftsmen in France, share their know-how and convey a taste for professional excellence.

Format Raisins


Format Raisins is a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to music and dance which - territory through an ambitious international and local programing - emphasizes the discovery of the Loire Valley. 

The festival proposes to discover new artists through many moments of conviviality and tastings of local products, with vineyards of the Center of France at the forefront (Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Menetou-Salon, Quincy, Reuilly, Coteaux du Giennois and Châteaumeillant).