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  • Map of the Bois aux Merles (1789)

    Bois aux Merles once depended on the Chatellenie of Nevers. This forest, located on Sauvigny-les-Bois municipality, is now a private forest except the septentrional part of the forest massif (cut n° 1) which is part of the Amognes national forest.
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  • Deciphering the appellations of Beaujolais

    The Beaujolais vineyard covers 17,324 hectares and runs along a strip of 10 to 15 kilometers wide and 50 kilometers long, from Mâcon in the north to Lyon in the south, on the hilly slopes of the Beaujolais mountains which reach an altitude of 700 to over 1000 m.
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  • Massive fire at Notre-Dame cathedral

    In the light of the tragedy of the massive fire at Notre-Dame cathedral and after the destruction of more than two thirds of its framing, pledges are being multiplied in France and around the world.
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