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  • Jazz concert in La Grange

    Groupe Charlois is partner of Format Raisins for 4 years. Festival of music and dance, combining art and culture, landscape, heritage and economy, Format Raisins comes to contribute to the dynamism of the region where the vineyards of the wines of the Center region, the middle of the Loire and the Bertranges forest meet.
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  • First time in La Grange

    Groupe Charlois had the pleasure to welcome for the first time a concert i nthe new space La Grange Saturday 1st July. Organized by the association « Barricades Mystérieuses » culture in Narcy this evening was part of the 3rd edition of the festival « Accords Perdus ».
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  • Meilleurs Ouvriers de France in Murlin

    The week of evaluation of the contest « Un des Meilleurs Apprentis de France » took place in the exhibition center of Nevers from 28th June to 3rd July 2017. More than 500 works from all over France were on display !
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