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Bourgogne wines come your way, everywhere in France!


The Bourgogne wines producers travel around France and lead tastings near you until December 31st.

Created 12 years ago, under the impetus of the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB), the national event "Rencontres avec les Bourgognes", aims to make amateurs discover the diversity of Bourgogne wines, thanks to those who produce them.

Fairs for autumn wines, salons or Christmas markets, "Meetings with Bourgogne wines" are also events at wine merchants and in the heart of estates and trading houses.

Already 490 scheduled meetings in more than 230 places in France. To find the next event near you, go to the website www.rencontresaveclesbourgognes.fr, which lists all activities by region, city, name of a wine merchant or a professional, with an update in real time. It also allows access to the descriptive sheets of houses and domains.

Source: BIVB www.vins-bourgogne.fr ; english BIVB website: www.bourgogne-wines.com

More information on the events planned on the site: www.rencontresaveclesbourgognes.fr