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Map of the Saulois forest (1789)

Saulois forest once depended on the Châtellenie of Montceaux-le-Comte part of the Duchy of Nevers since the 17th century. This former ducal forest, located on the Marigny-sur-Yonne municipality, is now divided between private and public ownership.
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Map of the Bois aux Merles (1789)

Bois aux Merles once depended on the Chatellenie of Nevers. This forest, located on Sauvigny-les-Bois municipality, is now a private forest except the septentrional part of the forest massif (cut n° 1) which is part of the Amognes national forest.
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Massive fire at Notre-Dame cathedral

In the light of the tragedy of the massive fire at Notre-Dame cathedral and after the destruction of more than two thirds of its framing, pledges are being multiplied in France and around the world.
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« Sève »

It's not a coincidence that Groupe Charlois has ordered Sève (Sap) from La Cabane Perchée®. This œuvre d’art, symbolizing the tree and its nutrient fluid, enhances the "land art" promenade currently being created in the heart of the Bertranges, as a tribute to the forest and to the crafts with strong know-how associated.
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