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17 – The Forest in Nivernais – Last sun rays in high forest

The seventeenth postcard of the series “The Forest in Nivernais” depicts two men leaning against a hundred-year-old oak in the Forest of Bertranges. A travel view camera is laid in front of one of the two men enjoying the very last rays of autumn sunshine suitable for taking photographs.
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Joinery company Philippe Mathieu

Designer and art-joiner, Philippe Mathieu excels for more than 30 years in building and fitting out wine cellars, tasting rooms, wineries, oenology laboratories or private places linked to the universe of the wine.
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La Cabane Perchée

Who hasn’t dreamed of seeking shelter in the treetops, perched several meters high on a tree, in a cocoon just for yourself? La Cabane Perchée® is making it a reality for many years.
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