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La Cabane Perchée

Who hasn’t dreamed of seeking shelter in the treetops, perched several meters high on a tree, in a cocoon just for yourself? La Cabane Perchée® is making it a reality for many years.
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15 – The Forest in Nivernais – Pitsawyers

The fifteenth postcard of the series “The Forest in Nivernais” depicts two pitsawyers in the Forest of Bertranges. When Raoul Saulnier d’Anchald took this photography, there were still a lot of pitsawyers working in Nièvre. They had a special status among wood workers and are described by Michel Pigenet as a “labor aristocracy”.
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Fire destroys Brazil’s National Museum in Rio de Janeiro

A massive fire engulfed Brazil’s National Museum on Sept. 2, 2018. Added to the loss of the invaluable collections of this museum, was the loss of the archives of the institution including studies and researches on the collections. As specified by Pierre Dubreuil, Director General of the Museum national d’histoire naturelle de Paris, the fire destroyed “the item and the memory of the item”.
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