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Midi en France report in Murlin

On the occasion of Midi en France shooting broadcasted at the end of the year on France 3, Vincent Ferniot's team went to Murlin to discover the trades of Groupe Charlois.
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Joinery company Philippe Mathieu

Designer and art-joiner, Philippe Mathieu excels for more than 30 years in building and fitting out wine cellars, tasting rooms, wineries, oenology laboratories or private places linked to the universe of the wine.
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La Cabane Perchée

Who hasn’t dreamed of seeking shelter in the treetops, perched several meters high on a tree, in a cocoon just for yourself? La Cabane Perchée® is making it a reality for many years.
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Herbarium, 350 years of scientific knowledge about biodiversity

With threats to the biodiversity, France decides a few years ago to collect all the natural history collections data on a single IT platform. As a matter of fact, natural history collections are a very important source of information to understand global climatic change since the start of the industrial age and to scientifically document the evolution of natural diversity.
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Tattooed barrel

Connected in the past to rites of passage in traditional societies, tattooing practice was then largely popularized
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