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Autumnal Equinox: Why trees are never surprised

A small miracle takes place every year in the forest. Who has never been surprised when it sounds the beginning of autumn and the summer season seems far away already… However among trees, no surprise, they have been preparing autumn for several weeks already.
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Summer “Forest bathing”

On the eve of the summer season, synonym of relaxation, take some time to get a bit of rest in forest and to discover all the benefits of forest therapy.
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Zoom on Bertranges forest

LA CHARITÉ-SUR-LOIRE - BERTRANGES. Situated only a few kilometers from the town of La Charité-sur-Loire, the prestigious centuries old Bertranges oak forest has a long and interesting history which is evoked simply by the mention of its name.
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Spring, beginning of oak vegetation

The growing season for non-evergreen trees such as oak is the time of year, from leaf emergence in the spring to fall yellowing. This period is marked by a strong activity of trees (growth, fruiting).
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