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The end of the CRD's obligation

The French government announced on June 19 that "la Marianne", applied to bottled wines or containers of up to three liters, will no longer be required from June 1, 2019.
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A lightning growth

With the summery hot season, the vine grew at full speed. " The vegetation explodes. The vine took three leaves in the weekend ", reports François Dal from Sicavac in Sancerre, on April 23rd.
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A new series dedicated to wine

A new series of documentaries dedicated to wine and broadcasted on a web TV has been launched: "Wine Masters". Season 1, out of 7 planned, is dedicated to French vineyards.
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Sensory analysis panels, precision tools

Since the creation of the Research & Innovation department, Groupe Charlois is provided with sensory analysis panels duly trained in the evaluation of wines and spirits aged thanks to the products of the Group : vats, barrels, oak products for enology.
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Why do we have to prune the vine in winter ?

In December the vine is immersed in its long winter sleep. A rest that does not enjoy the winemaker. For him, fresh season rhymes with dry pruning. A long step during which it is necessary to eliminate more than 80% of the vine shoots appeared past year.
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