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Deciphering the appellations of the Bordeaux vineyard

Bordeaux owes its distinction as the first AOC vineyard in France to the great diversity of its high quality terroirs. There is in this wide range of fine wines something to delight all lovers, for all occasions and in a wide range of prices.
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Deciphering the appellations of the Bourgogne vineyard

For oenology lovers, the richness of the wine is above all the diversity of the different grape varieties, white or red, and the specificities of the regions where the grapes flourish. The appellations are the literal translation of this complex universe, which combines the contribution of the vine, the influence of the terroir and the work of the winemaker.
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The “Cité des Vins” of Burgundy

The first visuals of the educational and cultural project of the Cité des Vins of Bourgogne wines carried by the BIVB (Interprofessional Office of Burgundy Wines) have been unveiled.
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Wine & Barrel Competition

The qualitative confrontation of the world’s best wines aged in oak wood took place on October 10 at the Noirlac Abbey, in the edge of the Tronçais forest.
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The end of the CRD's obligation

The French government announced on June 19 that "la Marianne", applied to bottled wines or containers of up to three liters, will no longer be required from June 1, 2019.
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