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First time in La Grange

First time in La Grange

Groupe Charlois had the pleasure to welcome for the first time a concert i nthe new space La Grange Saturday 1st July. Organized by the association « Barricades Mystérieuses » culture in Narcy this evening was part of the 3rd edition of the festival « Accords Perdus ».

Murlin found itself in Belgium for a night cradled by the rehearsals of Jacques Brel interpereted by the singer and philosopher Laurent Bibard accompanied by Magali Boudeau on the accordion, François Perrin on double bass and Jean Horreaux on the guitar.

The enthusiasm, passion and joy of sharing of Laurent Bibard literally transported the audience who came as expert or to discover the Belgian artist’s songs.

The evening continued with a glass of beer and a small Belgian buffet while Laurent Bibard dedicated his first philosophical book « Thinking with Brel ».