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Throughout the year, our buyers visit French forests looking for the most beautiful oak trees which will be used to make barrels for ageing wines and spirits.

Tree to tree, they assess the oaks which were selected according to a strict management plan, drawn up to ensure sustainable forest renewal and respect for biodiversity.

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The sawmill specialises in the manufacture of railway sleepers (European leader). Railway sleepers (also known as railway crossties) have existed for over 150 years. They appeared in Europe and in the United States as railways developed. Totalling around 2.5 million all over the world, they represent the majority of sleepers, all materials combined.

An ecological product, today they are highly sought-after. As a renewable and indigenous raw material from sustainably managed forests, they represent genuine added value. This activity means the Charlois Group can add value to 100% of the oak it purchases.

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Stave Mill

After the trees have been selected in the forest*, the most important work in the oak trade is splitting the wood.

Using techniques passed down from generation to generation, this traditional expertise requires the unerring eye of the stave maker. He must correctly read the grain of the wood, split the logs into quarters, remove the heart, sapwood and bark to extract the noble wood of the straight-grained staves.

The stave is then seasoned outside for a minimum of 24 months - an essential ageing step.

* Only 2% of oak in France are of stave quality. This quality represents 30% of the volume purchased by the group.

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After the staves have been seasoned, they are once again checked and sorted before being sent to the cooper. At this stage, each of the group’s cooperages respects its own traditions, chooses the oak according to where it came from or its grain, the manufacturing methods and more. Every element is closely respected to express the cooperage’s own signature.

Barrel ageing is one of the most important stages in maturing top quality wines. At the end of the ageing process, these great wines have taste and aromatic properties which reflect a complexity and originality that strengthens their personality.

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Tank and cask production

Our experts manufacture tanks and casks. The products are unique, custom-made, designed for each specific project and in harmony with the organisation and aesthetics of the cellar where they will reveal their qualities over time.

An expression of luxury, oak tanks and casks illustrate, in the wine industry and around the world, the prestige and quality work that makes a wine.

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Oak for winemaking

Similarly to cooperage, the manufacture of top quality oak products for winemaking depends on three main criteria: the selection of raw materials, natural seasoning of the wood and the toasting process.

Thanks to its leadership in the French oak sector and its coopering experience, for the last ten years the Charlois Group has positioned itself in the sector’s high-end, offering very technically accomplished products.

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Transporting and delivering barrels that are destined for wines and spirits demands particular care. The prestigious nature of the customers and the quality of the barrels mean that skilful handling is primordial.

For over 10 years, the Charlois Group has offered a customised logistics service adapted to the needs of each of its customers.

In 2017 a dedicated logistical structure was created: Charlois Premium Logistique (CPL).

For over 10 years, the Charlois Group has offered a customised logistics service adapted to the needs of each of its customers. For over 10 years, the Charlois Group has offered a customised logistics service adapted to the needs of each of its customers.


Always striving for quality and optimisation, the Charlois Group develops and designs high performance machines for sawmills, stave mills and cooperages.

The design office is in Murlin where its own workshop manufactures and improves machines from different sites and takes care of their maintenance and repair.

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Research, Analysis, development, innovation

The laboratory has been practising its expertise in aroma characterisation, researching organoleptic flaws and food safety for 20 years.

It incorporates the Charlois Group’s Research & Innovation department, particularly for cooperage, winemaking oak and cosmetics.

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Continuously researching the various benefits of oak, the Charlois Group’s scientists have developed for the first time a patented oak extract with high-powered anti-ageing properties.

The Quercus Petraea extract comes from different parts of the tree: the bark, the soft wood and the leaf.

And so was born a line of anti-ageing cosmetics with exceptional regenerative performance.

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